COVID Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Has your Business been hit by the effects of COVID-19 ?

Has your Insurer declined your claim ?

Very many with business interruption insurance have found that insurers are refusing to pay out under the terms of their cover.

Do Not Give Your Insurer An Excuse.

We have direct access to Lawyers who will assess your personal and business situation, and study your Business Insurance Policy in great detail.

This could make the difference between your business surviving and being in a position to re-open, or the potential closure and even personal bankruptcy.

Updated: 15/01/21. We welcome Lord Hamblen’s summary of the Supreme Court’s Judgment in the Business Interruption Insurance Test Case. In summary, the appeals by the Insurers have been dismissed. The lengthy judgment (over 100 pages) has opened the door for potential compensation claims.

It is now vital that any claim made is done so correctly.

If you would like us to put you in direct contact with our specialist Lawyers, who will assess your Insurance Policy for free, please contact us immediately.